Stump Removal Service In Jacksonville FL

If you have a tree removed a stump will be left in its place. Not all tree service companies will remove the stump unless if you agree to terms before the tree is taken down. Stump removal takes more effort and special equipment. If the tree company has a grinder, they will be able to grind the stump down below ground level. At Braddocks Tree Service, we offer stump removal services to those in Jacksonville. We have been removing trees for years and know that many of our customers will also want the stump removed.

Why Wouldn’t You Want To Remove A Stump?

Some people don’t want to spend the extra money on removing a stump and believe that it will just eventually rot away. It is true that a stump will rot, but that will take almost a life time for it to be completely gone. Others will use harsh chemicals that will speed up that process, which is something we stay away from.

Sometimes people want the stump left to use as a decorative feature to their yard.

Stump Grinding In Jacksonville FL

Depending on how big the stump is, grinding it can be an effective way to get rid of it. A special machine is used to grind stumps and is placed over the stump, grinding it piece by piece. The machine will grind the stump to below the surface so you wouldn’t notice it’s there. Stump grinding is one of the better alternatives as it is safe, does not use harsh chemicals and usually gets the stump completely out of the ground. The entire process can take a few hours depending on stump size.

After the stump has been ground, any mound of dirt that is left will be smoothed and leveled off. What you do with the dirt is up to you. Most customers will put grass seed down, which will eventually cover the dirt patch.

Whether you choose stump removal in Jacksonville FL or decide to leave the stump, that is your choice. Just know that this service is one that we can perform. Give us a call if you need stump removal in Jacksonville as we always offer free estimates.